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CURBSTONING - Unlicensed Car Dealer's Manual
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The underground used car business is now a billion dollar industry that has been in existence since the advent of motor vehicles.

NOTE:  This book is written as a nation-wide publication.  Most states prohibit unlicensed auto sales for a profit.  California is one of them.  This book does not "teach" you how to curbstone.  It is an educational tool that sheds light on what goes on out there.  If you become a dealer, you need to know about curbstoners because they give dealers a "bad name"!

  • What are all the advantages and disadvantages of selling cars without a dealer license?
  • How exactly does the state find out about unlicensed car sales?
  • What's the worst that can happen if the state finds out?
  • What happens when an unlicensed dealer gets sued?
  • What happens when unlicensed dealers forge or falsify documents?
  • How can people spot unlicensed dealers from a mile away?
  • How are salvaged cars sold without the buyers knowing?
  • How are unlicensed dealers competing with each other?
  • How people get away with  handling paperwork for unlicensed auto sales?
  • How people get away with "borrowing" or "leasing" somebody else's dealer license?
  • How do people get away with forming car charities and nonprofit corporations as a front?
  • What are some secret tips and tricks from the experts on buying and selling through ads?
  • Why exactly do some unlicensed dealers fail and others succeed?
  • How unlicensed dealers constantly manipulate the buying and selling process?
  • How do unlicensed dealers conduct a sale without leaving a trace of their identity?
  • What part of the Title do unlicensed dealers NEVER complete, and why?
  • How do unlicensed dealers purchase cars at "dealers only" auctions without a dealer license?
  • How unlicensed dealers buy cars from public-government auctions and sell them without registering them into their names first?
  • What can a wholesale or salesman license offer an unlicensed dealer?

The questions above only cover part of the manual.   There are many other topics in the book.

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